Thursday, 4 April 2013

Koru art

At the start of term one we did koru art. Here are the steps to making koru art. here is how we made it

1.first we looked at some koru art pictures.

2.we did a draft of our koru art using pencil and Jovi.

3.we got some paper.

4.we chose too different chalk pastel colours.

5. We then used the chalk pastel to do the out lines.

6.Then we chose two different normal pastels.

7.You will need to colour in all of korus. you need to wash Black dye over it.

My hard part of this art was the part when we did the koru shapes because my koru shapes looked like candy canes so my teacher helped and drew over the top of my koru to get the shape I wanted.

Ebony says: You worked really hard on getting your artwork to represent your thoughts about your whanau Sam. It would be really great to have a picture here so we can appreciate the shape and colour you decided on in the end.

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