Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Ki o Rahi

WALT: write a recount

That means we are writing about an experience that we have had.

Success Criteria:

  • Write what we enjoyed
  • Write about how we felt
  • Add detail about what I did
  • Write about what it looked like

On Tuesday I went to a marae.  I liked playing ki o rahi because I gave it a go anyway. I was happy because I tried my hardest. I got to have a go in both teems it was hard because when I swapped over it felt like I was doing it wrong but I was doing it rite.  Ki o Rahi was really hard for me because I am only 6. In the game I did not get the ball match I was asking everyone that had the ball. the game looked weird but when I played it was fun.
By Sam

Ebony says: The game did looks like heaps of fun, well done for having a go! How do you think you went with your success criteria? Maybe you could of added detail about what you had to do in the game.

I also highlighted 'pink for think' on some words that you might practice...


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  1. Hi Sam! Wow, what a great job! You are learning so much and I'm so proud of how brilliant you are! Keep up the great work!!!!
    Auntie Relly